Sunday, February 19, 2017
  • Preserving Our State’s Low Taxes

    Keep Texas Working will work to protect taxpayers and the state economy against harmful, new tax proposals.

  • Improving Education

    Keep Texas Working knows that education is the key to future prosperity for Texas and it will support efforts to promote education excellence in our state.

  • Supporting a Fair Regulatory Environment

    Keep Texas Working believes that regulations should be utilized to maintain a level playing field, not kill jobs or hinder economic growth.

  • Strength through diversity of people

    Keep Texas Working will work to protect Texas businesses and citizens from federal government intrusion, thus allowing ALL Texans to be free to prosper in their chosen professions.

  • Budget Transparency

    Keep Texas Working will work to ensure that Texas budgetary process is transparent and that collected funds are used for their intended purposes.

  • Building Efficiencies into Government

    Keep Texas Working supports efforts to streamline government while reducing waste, fraud, abuse and duplication.

  • Fighting to Secure Future Water Needs for Everyone

    The lack of proper water planning could lead to economic disaster for many businesses including agriculture, technology and energy. Keep Texas Working will support efforts to secure our future water needs.

  • Building and Maintaining our States Infrastructure

    From roads and ports, to transmission and pipelines, Keep Texas Working will support efforts to properly and prudently solve the infrastructure needs of Texas.

  • Increased Local Control

    The voice and desires of a constituency are strongest at the local level. Adhering to this belief, Keep Texas Working will seek to maintain or expand local control options.

  • Maintaining Tort Reforms for a Stronger Economy

    Keep Texas working will work to maintain and pass additional reforms that strengthen the economy and keep Texas an attractive place for businesses.

Welcome to Keep Texas Working

Texas ranks near the top of all states for business and job creation. In fact, CNBC recently named Texas the “Top State for Business 2012.” However, past and current rankings are not enough. The global market is ever evolving and other states are stepping up their efforts to duplicate the Texas model. Keep Texas Working is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining Texas’ position as the top state for business and job creation by educating the public and promoting pro-business public policy through legislative advocacy at the Texas Capitol. To learn more, please take a minute to explore our website, sign up to receive email updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.